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Superhero Posture!

In ballet class on February 28, the students and I discussed posture. What is good posture? Good posture is when we use our core muscles (tummy and back) to keep our backs up straight, our shoulders down, neck stretched long and our chin up. Good posture helps us to build strong core muscles and keeps our spines aligned. But good posture is not just good for our physical health, it is also important for our mental health. When we stand tall, we feel more powerful, like a superhero! Even if we are having a bad day, if we straighten up and lift our chin, we automatically feel stronger and more in control. Good dancers always maintain good posture; it is essential to their dancing, it allows them to breathe freely in order to dance well, it conveys a spirit of strength and control, and it's beautiful. So, keep your superhero posture and let the world know just how SUPER you are!


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