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National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

As a mother, I understand the importance of communication with my children. On occasions, my children have shared with me bullying situations that they have experienced at their schools. Each time these conversations arise, I sometimes wonder if I am saying the right things to help them overcome these challenges.

As a dance teacher and studio owner, I have made it part of my purpose to serve as a safe adult for my students to speak with and I take this role very seriously. However, I also understand that providing a child with the appropriate advice in such situations is critical.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. To address this very important topic, the Klohverleaf Dance Academy (KDA) partnered with the National Women of Achievement to host a virtual Anti-bullying event for the KDA students. I was really impressed with the KDA students! The girls listened to a story, participated in a discussion about the story and some even told their own stories about bullies that they have encountered. We discussed ways in which the girls can handle bullying situations at their schools and elsewhere. I also received positive feedback from students about how they intend to handle future bullying situations at their own schools!

It is so important that we continue to talk with our children about bullying. Here are some topics to include in the conversations:

  • what to do and/or say when another person is treating you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable;

  • who to tell;

  • and how to interact with this person going forward.

In addition to conversations about how to address a bullying situation, it is also very important to talk with our children about how to be kind to others and how to engage in other anti-bullying interactions. Here are some tips to help you with these conversations:

Express to your child(ren) that it is important to

  • reach out to new classmates — especially those who appear to be struggling,

  • report bullying when you see it; and

  • don't let others suffer in silence.

It is my hope that our children will make a positive impact in this world. Having them engage with us in discussions such as these is so important to building their foundation. Let us help our children to grow and to be an example of love through kindness, courage and compassion.


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